About Our Services


Town & Country provides comprehensive in-house resources tailored to the unique needs of each project. We offer design/build services to clients’ needing coordinated and centralized project needs. Our divisions and employees provide 80% of trade skills on all jobs. By eliminating extra steps in the building process and using a single source, our clients save both time and money. Our project managers work with the client to provide a team that constructs a master schedule, provides estimates and a detailed bid package and manages the bid process to analyze and ensure accurate proposals.

Restoration and Renovation

Because Town & Country recognizes the importance and heritage of historical sites and buildings, we treat each restoration project with extraordinary care and skill. From restoring existing wood accents and windows to matching original profiles and designs, we work diligently to preserve the personality of the original while insuring every detail meets city, state and/or federal guidelines. Our renovation projects are treated with the same care and professionalism as we work closely with the client to bring updated designs to completion.

Site Maintenance/Construction

Town & Country provides full service site maintenance and construction including parking repair, curbing repair and replacement, storm drains, concrete repair, sidewalks and streetscapes.

Plant Maintenance

With a professional and ready staff of expert craftsmen, Town & Country partners with industrial and commercial companies to provide necessary maintenance, repairs and renovations. From painting and flooring to wall renovations and concrete work, Town & Country is there to keep companies working seamlessly throughout their own schedules by tackling both minor and major maintenance projects.


At Town & Country, we understand that hospitals, physician offices and urgent care clinics have changed greatly in the past 50 years. That’s why we continually keep informed of process changes and medical building regulations which impact the balance the clients’ needs and the needs of their patients.